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Interested in hosting a camp?

Thanks for taking a closer look at The Chute Shooting Camps. Most of our camps are 2-day, full immersion shooting camps. At our camps the athletes will NOT be standing in long lines or sitting around... they will be working on the most important fundamental in the game of basketball... SHOOTING!

By hosting a Chute Camp, your athletes do not have to travel, The Chute Camp comes to you. We will arrive at your school with a program that can make a big difference in your athletes shooting. We also bring with us an attitude that lets your camper know we are there to help them get better. Player development is our purpose and it is what we work hard at. A big part of player development is continuing to work. Our camps are designed to motivate the campers to keep working on their shot and development long after we are gone.

Shooting is something all players physically able could be very successful at. Yet, as we watch players around the country, the number of good shooters is not all that high. A class taught by Coach Maske studied shooting technique and the habit of good shooters. Findings of the class came down to the simple concept of TAP:

is the first one... and The Chute is a big part
of teaching technique at our camps.

is the second one... and our camps constantly
talk with the campers about its importance.

is the third... it is our goal to get the kids
off the couch and on the courts.

Good shooters almost always excelled in all 3 of these areas. One or two of these were NOT enough!

Our camps have 2 sessions each day. High school in the morning, 4th-8th grade in the afternoon. Each session lasts 3 hours. We bring 10-15 Chutes into your school for campers’ use and demonstration.

The Chute corrects the 6 biggest problems in shooting:
1. Keeping elbow in under the ball.
2. Off hand is not allowed to go forward while shooting.
3. Puts proper arch on the ball.
4. Balance of the body and the ball.
5. Eyes are on the target
6. Follow through to the target line.

Please take a few minutes and watch a 6 minute video above of athletes using The Chute. If you have any questions, please call our office at 712-272-3115 or my cell at 712-299-3485. I look forward to talking to you more about our camps.

Thanks, Coach Maske, Inventor of The Chute,
Designer of the Camps,
Member of the Iowa Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame