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How you can buy The Chute
for yourself or your organization

This device, The Chute, makes learning the correct shooting form easy! It can be used in the gym or out on the drive-way. When you order The Chute, you receive all the attachments plus our 35 minute instructional video FREE!

(The video shows all the various drills you can use with The Chute.
The Chute can be used while shooting at a basket or in form shooting drills.)



Schools/Booster Clubs:
Discounts available
on multiple orders.

“In a big game, it will be DEFENSE that gives you a chance to win. But in the end, whether you win or not, will be determined by SHOOTING.”


Learning to shoot correctly
has never been so easy!

The Chute corrects the 6 biggest problems in shooting:
1. Keeping elbow in under the ball.
2. Off hand is not allowed to go forward while shooting.
3. Puts proper arch on the ball.
4. Balance of the body and the ball.
5. Eyes are on the target.
6. Follow through to the target line.